Event Location with History

The Kavalierhaus has stories to tell:
from Luziwuzi to a radio station for the Americans

If the walls of the Kavalierhaus could talk, they would have countless interesting stories to tell us. But since they can't, we will be happy to do that job for them: Join us on this brief journey back to the past.

Luziwuzi AND THE Kavalierhaus

Imposing Schloss Klessheim is only a few meters away from the Kavalierhaus. It was built in the years 1687 - 1744, incorporating plans from famous baroque architect Fischer von Erlach, and later became a possession of the Habsburgs. In 1866, Emperor Franz Joseph I transferred it to his younger brother Archduke Ludwig Viktor – also known by his nickname "Luziwuzi" – who turned the palace into his personal residence. The palace was big and hard to heat in winter, which is why he had the "winter house", today's Kavalierhaus, built by Viennese architect Heinrich Ferstel. One highlight of those times was a big annual summer festival held in the palace grounds, to which Luziwuzi invited numerous guests.


The Second World War did not leave Kavalierhaus Klessheim unscathed. In 1940, the Wehrmacht used the palace and Kavalierhaus to provide upscale accommodations, due to visitors wishing to visit nearby Berchtesgaden and because of Salzburg's growing image as a festival destination. In the Kavalierhaus as well as in the palace itself, additional cellars were added as air-raid shelters. In each case, a U-boat engine was installed as a diesel generator. One of these generators can still be seen in the cellar of our event location.


Since 1962, the Kavalierhaus - now owned by Salzburg Province - has been operated by the Salzburg-Klessheim tourism schools as a training site for future tourism professionals and as a popular event location. The stylish rooms and winter garden are ideally suited for hosting elegant festivities such as weddings, banquets, receptions and product presentations. Would you like to hold your next event in this historic event location?

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