The Kavalierhaus and Its Values

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Our "Love Principle" - guiding us through every day

Are you looking for an event location with a true heart and love for detail? A location that is ideally situated, and is there for the exclusive use of you and your guests? If so, Kavalierhaus Klessheim in Salzburg is the perfect choice.


We work true to our love principles - every single day. Something you sense in every aspect and every moment of your event. The Kavalierhaus unites the historical ambiance of this venerable house with the amenities of today. Additional guarantees for your event's success are the six principles which lie at the core of our daily work.

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The Emotional Idea

Life like business is all about people. People who have relationships with one another - both in terms of business, emotion and friendship. Nurturing these relationships is our central focus. As it is of those people who look to nurture their relationships at, and with the help of the Kavalierhaus.

We eat and breathe attentiveness

Attentiveness is a question of team mentality and training. Those who keep their eyes open, will do their job better from one day to the next.

Respect is important

Many things go without saying.  When things go without saying, countless aspects of our life do become easier. However: Isn't personal respect something that should be emphasized, since it is synonymous with motivation and enthusiasm?

Humane with Common Sense

It is all about relationships. And about simplifying processes. If we place people and their needs at the center of what we do, we become humane and act using healthy common sense.

Personal Dialogue means Quality

The present brings new aspects of communication into our life. Quality makes the difference. And only then does communication become a trusting dialogue.

The Love Question

How would I take care of and advise my best friend? What services would I offer? How would I provide support to the woman/man of my life? The answers are diverse, individual, creative. And the basis for service that comes from the heart.